I’m Stephan Reilly, a writer, designer and freelance creator!

Note: not me pictured.

I graduated from Laurier University’s Game Design & Development program with an option in Media Studies in 2019.

I believe games have the potential to change the world, and it’s the responsibility of designers to make games to change the world for the better.

As one of the largest entertainment industries on the planet, games have incredible potential to connect us, to challenge us and to provide us with new experiences that can only be had through an interactive medium.

I’ve been designing and developing games for over 3 years now professionally, but I’ve been obsessed with games since I first hopped around Peach’s castle on my Aunt’s N64 as a child. I’ve always been fascinated by a game’s potential to transport me to a new world, to give me a new experience and show me new perspectives on life.

In my work, I’ve taken on many roles, from lead designer to project manager. I’ve always had a knack for organizing people and guiding teams across the finish line. As such I’ve developed excellent communication and people skills, and I love working with a committed team to deliver a game we all believe in.

This site is where I showcase all of my accomplishments in my short but exciting career. It will be updated as I find more awesome and neat opportunities! From here you can look up at my résumé to see my previous work experiences or check out the games I’ve worked on. You can also find a link to my personal blog Stephan’s Universe.

Thanks so much for your interest and have a great day!